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EDITORIAL COMMENT: Breen on compensating moral values - most of this reproduced in Olga Martin, Hollywood's Movie Commandments. There is a declaration of moral guardianship here.

An explanation of the PCA policy on Compensating Moral ValuesMemo on what the PCA refers to as compensating moral values. Outlines the meaning behind the need for "evil to be wrong and good to be right" -- the law, law officials, government, the church and most authoritative figures must be represented in a positive manner.


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"It has been remarked in these annotations that it is not the primary purpose, or task, of motion pictures to educate. Yet, will it or not, they have a powerful formative influence, not only upon minds and morals but also upon manners and customs. Therefore, besides avoiding offense against morals, it is incumbent upon them, from the standpoint of social spirit, of patriotism, and of policy, not to delude and confuse youth with regard to the true joys, and the all-too-true sorrows, of life. It is a reprehensible mistake, to say the least, and it is positively wrong when done beyond dramatic requirements, to tantalize youth by flaunting before it flashy clothes, easy money, luxurious living, habitual drinking, gambling, cynical contempt for conventions, and all the realism of problems that do not trouble an average person's existence.".