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Foreign relations

Re distribution of movies in Germany, especially financial arrangement; also, manufacturing and licensing of recording apparatus.Documents relating to the German situation, and negotiations with Tobis to revise the 1930 Paris agreement. 26 February 1936 memo, Herron to Hays, asking him to be at a meeting with the Tobis representative, Dr. Henkel.


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"... As you know, it is practically impossible to get any money out of Germany. Our contracts are drawn up in dollars and that means that we have to keep sending more dollars in. Our pictures are being banned there and all in all it is pretty much of a broken down market. In view of all this the companies have asked the German electrics to send a man over here to consult with the to see if they cannot get some adjustment" to the royalties due Tobis for showing American sound films in the German market. They do get some adjustment, but it is generally acrimonious.

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