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Carl E. Milliken
Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
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Correspondence re movies recommended for withdrawal from circulation, especially in the light of the Catholic banned list


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February 1935 documents dealing with the withdrawal of pictures on the Legion of Decency condemned list or Class I, II, III lists -- Warners keep Doctor Monica in circulation until 1 June 1935. 10 February 1935 Memo, Milliken to Hays: "With reference to the Warner pictures, you will note that of the seven included in the memorandum (Baby Face, Blondie Johnson, and Female for 1933 and Dr. Monica, Ex-Lady, Fog over Frisco and He Was Her Man for 1934), none is listed in the Catholic 'C' list. They were placed in the memorandum on the basis of general comment from representative public groups. "Mr. Quigley suggested Baby Face and that is therefore the most important one for consideration. There will probably be little objection to the inclusion of Blondie Johnson and Female of 1933 vintage. "The most important in the 1934 list is Dr. Monica. In a recent featured article commenting upon the various lists of 'objectionable' pictures, Florence Fisher Parry puts Dr. Monica among those which she 'found to be thoroughly objectionable from the standpoint of good taste if not morals.' Her specific comment is: 'Dr. Monica, a highly unnecessary and cheaply presented excursion into the clinical province of maternity.'"

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