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James Wingate, Director, Studio Relations, Association of Motion Picture Producers
Hal Hode, assistant to Jack Cohn, Columbia
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The use of the word "dame" in titles is eliminated, because it is "an industry liability." Columbia wants to use it in a title in 1937 -- Park Avenue Dame -- but the word remains banned by the Code.


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includes memo from Palfreyman to McKenzie, 8 May 1935, re issuing the Code certificate number of films on the Motion Picture Herald Release Chart. His check-up based on this list indicated that of 57 miscellaneous state rights and foreign pictures, only 3 have certificates. "It seems to me that this check-up reveals that the problem is somewhat more serious than we anticipated. There are a considerable number of features in circulation that have no certificates. While it is true that listing the certificate numbers might tend to show up this situation, I believe that risk is insignificant compared to the danger that may easily develop if it is concealed. The ultimate purpose us to have all pictures submitted and approved by the Production Code Administration and to have all pictures shown in the theatres bear the seal of approval." He believes this is the effective way to get independents to submit for seals, and give exhibitors a way of checking if films they are booking have seals. Exhibitors, including the RKO chain, have complained that they don't know if films have seals when they are booking them. "If this policy is encouraged in our own circuits and their local affiliates, it will be the most powerful influence we have to encourage the submission of outside pictures for approval."

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