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Mr Charles C. Pettijohn, General Counsel, MPPDA
Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
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Motion Picture Code of Fair Competition
EDITORIAL COMMENT: As frequently in Pettijohn's private expression of opinion, he seems to locate the problem with the distributors' greed rather than anything else.

Some thoughts on current trade relations problems by Pettijohn. He points out that block-booking is not universally practised. "Far less than 20% of the accounts sold are for all the feature pictures of any company."


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Pettijohn to Hays surveying current trade practice problems. He notes particularly: "I believe that the over-buying problem can be solved. No theatres should be permitted to buy pictures they cannot or do not intend to play in order to keep them away from any fair competition. ... We need two forms of contract: one providing for the arbitration of commercial disputes and the other not providing for it ... They tell you that we have only one form of contract now, but all companies have several forms of contract, especially those that have theatres and those that sell any considerable number of pictures on percentage basis. "If the above things can be handled and straightened out, it will go a long way to solving the double feature question. In other words, I believe that if a few more exhibitors can buy the pictures they want, they will pay better prices for them and run them singly and not double."

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