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Vincent G. Hart, MPPDA (Eastern Studio Relations)
Maurice McKenzie, Executive Assistant
Reel 10
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Warners is failing to cooperate and not following PCA procedure closely enough. By the time scripts are received filming is half over; changes ordered on finished films are ignored. Refers to a short, Nude Deal, that was halfway into production when script arrived for approval and completed before reply from PCA was received. Hart thinks that the letter listing the required deletions will be ignored.Matter has now gone to Executive office -- Norr should try to resolve this as soon as possible as scripts are coming in but changes not being acted upon.


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Hart to McKenzie, 26 January 1934 on lack of cooperation from Warners over shorts: "You will no doubt recall Mr. Norr was to advise you with reference to his contact with Warners. Just a suggestion -- that we endeavor to adjust this matter through Mr. Norr as soon as possible, as scripts are coming in and we are making suggestions, but of course do not get results. An example. Nude Deal script came in end of last week, picture half completed date script received, and finished before we sent back letter, which contained several deletions, which I do not think will be made. It is not of much use to read scripts, make suggestions if our instructions or suggestions are not either carried out, or adjusted."

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