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Statement issued by the Catholic Bishops Committee after their meeting in Cincinnati 22 June 1934, concerning the campaign against films which are considered morally corrupt. The Council of the Legion of Decency has been formed to further this campaign. Quigley and Breen have been to see the bishops who have been pushing the boycott. The statement supports the new measures of Code enforcement. Timetable of Code enforcement measures 1930-1934. text in Motion Picture Herald 30 June 1934 p.11.


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Press statement by the Catholic Bishops Committee 21 June 1934: "... There has been no wish to harm nor destroy the motion picture business. But the evil character of portions of many motion pictures, and the low standards of some motion pictures, have forced the Bishops to take direct and aggressive action in safeguarding the moral well-being of their people. These recent activities against motion pictures which offend decency and morality were launched only after years of vain hope that the producers of these pictures would realize the harm being done and take positive steps to correct the trend. The Committee is not hostile to the entertainment business; in fact, it recognizes entertainment as a virtual necessity in modern life. But such entertainment must be of a wholesome character, and to that objective the Committee has earnestly addressed its efforts. ... The Episcopal Committee views with favor the renewed efforts of the organized industry to discharge its responsibility of issuing only such motion pictures as may conform with reasonable moral standards. The Committee believes that the Production Code if given enforcement will materially and constructively influence the character of screen entertainment. Hence, it is disposed to render encouragement and cooperation to these efforts which it hopes will achieve the promised results. "Our Catholic people, however, are counselled that in the long run the desired results of a wholesome screen can be assured only through unfailing opposition to evil motion pictures. The widespread interest in and loyal support of our campaign of protest must be maintained in order that the Producers of motion pictures may constantly be aware of the demand for clean entertainment. The salacious and otherwise objectionable type of motion picture must be avoided."

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