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EDITORIAL COMMENT: Further release of this press release: version of the development of the Production Code which lays emphasis on its borrowing practice of ""umpiring"" from McCarthy and AAC on Advertising Code - evidence of the immediate rewriting of history.

Steps in Motion Picture Betterment. The movement towards the use of an "umpire" to rule absolutely upon standards: first J.J. McCarthy in advertising, then Breen in production standards. The new powers of Breen's administration; adoption of the seal; abandonment of the producers" jury; amnesty on earlier films. Includes McCarthy's earlier career. NB comments on general pervasiveness of "sex allure" advertising in such products as lipstick and vacuum cleaners.


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July 1934 press release: "Three Steps In Motion Picture Betterment" "About this time came the concerted action by church groups protesting against picture trends. Mr. Hays and his associates welcome this vigorous expression of opinion, especially insofar a it derived from sources of real leadership." Quotes Hays, July 9, on his arrival in California: "The American public and the motion picture industry have everything to gain from every sincere movement, church or otherwise, which works for the proper selection of motion picture entertainment. The current criticism has the very significant value, too, of encouraging the support of the good pictures for it carries the definite obligation to support pictures of the right kind. The responsible, organized criticism which is planned specifically promises this support, and such support will be useful and proper."

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