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Joseph I. Breen
Vincent G. Hart, MPPDA (Eastern Studio Relations)
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Additional text in Transcription. EDITORIAL COMMENT: A useful letter in which Breen explains to Hart how to enforce the Code with respect to ""illicit sex relationships"" and sordidness.

Breen explains to Hart how to enforce the Code with respect to "illicit sex relationships" and sordidness. Refers to letter from Hart on Spanish film The Downfall, which does not technically show adultery, but PCA interpretation of adultery includes any loose sex relationship - while this film is not in breach of Production Code, if it were being made by an MPPDA company for a mixed American audience, they would discourage them, but since it is for "the more realistically-minded Latin American audience," it can be released safely. The most important thing is the underlying moral.


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Breen's letter to Hart, 13 August 1934: "...I feel that frank and detailed discussions of this kind are the only means by which we can arrive at a practical modus operandi, and clear up in our minds the innumerable complications which are bound to arise in the course of our work. ... You are undoubtedly technically correct when you state that this picture does not treat of adultery in the legal sense. However, we frequently, in our discussions with the studios here, use the word 'adultery' to cover any loose sex relationship. This is for lack of any other single handy term that would facilitate discussion, and is based on the secondary or Biblical use of the word adultery as defined in Webster's dictionary, meaning 'lewdness or unchastity' generally. We have found that this use of the word 'adultery' comes in a great deal more handy than such other words as 'fornication,' 'illicit sex relationships' and similar more clumsy (though perhaps more technically correct) terms."

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