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Joseph I. Breen
Albert Warner, Vice president and treasurer of Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.and treasurer of Vitaphone Corporation, Warner Bros.
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The extreme problems posed by Madame Dubarry; it violates the morality clause and would be offensive to France Spain and England.Production Code problems over Madame Dubarry -- Breen has written 7-page letter of objections, which Wallis is disagreeing with, to the point where AMPP Executive Committee had discussed it and passed it on to MPPDA Board of Directors -- Hays opinion agrees with Breen: "it is literally full of the objectionable material mentioned to the studio.


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Letters from Hays late March, 1934 to Warners and Zukor warning that It Ain't No Sin, Madame Dubarry and Doctor Monica are probably unmakeable within the Code. On Dubarry: "Mr. Wallis of the studio is apparently disagreeing with most of these recommendations and the discussions reached the point where it was made a subject matter of earnest consideration at a meeting of the Executive committee of the California Association and finally word from that Committee to this office that the whole matter should be made a subject of consideration by the Board here. "The whole matter is acute. We have read the script here and it is literally full of the objectionable material mentioned to the studio in letters which have gone from the California office."

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