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John B. Lewis, In 1934, assists Breen re Hollywood advertising.
Joseph I. Breen
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EDITORIAL COMMENT: There's a suggestion in Breen's letter that Baily and Bill Pine are both new Paramount importees to Hollywood, Pine from B&K in Chicago. Indicative perhaps of the management changes in Paramount in 1933?

Tom Baily and Bill Pine of Paramount publicity department. are rumoured to be planning to "make it tough" for Breen to enforce the regulations on stills and advertising copy. Also Breen to J.J. McCarthy, 29 December 1933, McCarthy to Breen, 3 January 1934.


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3 January 1934 J.J. McCarthy to Breen, over Paramount publicity men who are being uncooperative: "I think it is the wiser course, if Mr. Lewis or yourself would take Baily out to lunch and make an effort to win his support to our cause, rather than as you suggest 'bide your time and try to catch Baily in some infraction of our rules or understandings.' "While this is not, of course, the pleasantest way to handle the proposition, I am sure it is the safest way. The more we suffer in the initial stages of trying to make this advertising proposition work, the more lasting the whole proposition will be. I, too, have submerged my principles, pride and temperament on several occasions here in New York. However, I am glad to say I was successful in each case in winning the confidence and support of the heads of the advertising departments in the East."

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