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Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
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Production Code
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Hays memo on Minutes of Board of Directors, suggesting alterations to MPPDA Board of Directors minutes dealing with Resolution on Production Code implementation.


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June 30, 1934. HAYS memo on Minutes of Board of Directors. Ask Mr. Hess if it is possible to have this underscored a little different, to the effect that they are obligated to pay in "if directed by the Board" but obligated to pay when there is a violation and that that violation is first indicated by the Code Administration and then the Board could negative it. I don't know just how to say this but I would like it to be as positive as possible that if there is a violation immediately the fine operates, that the violation, of course, is determined on the certificate of the Production Code, then it is reviewable by the Board in some manner. Otherwise this is fine. As soon as we get it right I want Mr. Hess to take it around to Nick Schenck, Sidney Kent, Robert Cochrane, Zukor if he is here, Aylesworth and Depinet (whoever in each company should sign), Harry Warner if he is here - if not, I can get it to him there. I want it signed as soon as possible, very quietly. The Resolution was passed at an adjourned meeting of the Quarterly Meeting. At the Quarterly Meeting we adjourned to meet on call or we adjourned to meet "when Joe and Martin get back from Cincinnati". They got back on Friday [June 22 rather than June 29?] and we could use that date. It is not so important as the really binding element is the fact they sign it, although it is a resolution passed at an adjourned meeting. [separate note]Insertion should be made either adding the amendment or inserting it as a separate Whereas. That is the amendment that the Association in California has also the right of appeal.

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