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Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
MPPDA (production heads)
Reel 10
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Production Code
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Details of procedure re implementation of Production Code machinery.


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Each print of every motion picture produced, distributed or exhibited by any member company, its subsidiaries or affiliates, must carry a definite statement of compliance with the self-imposed industry regulations (the Production Code) to be issued to the company producing such picture or its authorized distributor by the Production Code Administration. Form is being furnished. If in the judgment of the Production Code Administration a picture complies with the industry regulations, the director of such administration will issue an appropriate certificate attesting to such fact. These certificates will be serially numbered. Each print of every picture must show the serial number corresponding to the certificate issued for the picture. No picture shall be exhibited without the above statement and the said serial number. You will have in mind the fact that these requirements apply to pictures of whatever production origin, released after July 15, 1934, distributed or exhibited by our member companies, their subsidiaries or affiliates. ... You will also want to take appropriate steps to make certain that the same requirements are met in the case of foreign or domestic pictures contracted for by your company for distribution. As you know, I expect to reach California in about a week and will go over everything fully with the folks there. Mr. Breen leaves tonight.[similar letter sent July 2, 1934, to all production heads in Hollywood]

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