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Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
Merlin H. Aylesworth, RKO-Pathe
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Production Code
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Discusses the designation of a studio staff member to operate as the ongoing and consistent contact for the Studio Relations Committee and the Production Code. RKO must appoint someone to liaise with Production Code operation on Coast, who is to be aware of machinery and the reasons for decisions; they should also appoint someone in New York story purchase department to liaise with MPPDA


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May 14, 1934. HAYS to AYLESWORTH... The immediate emergency [on 10 May 1934] was to discuss with you some phases of the Darrow report. Further, to acquaint you with the joint developments on the coast while I was there and to have you designate someone in the RKO New York offices with whom we can contact in connection with story purchases. A further amplifying of the Production Code enforcement machinery in California involves a designation by each studio of an individual whose first business it shall be to become acquainted with al the Code necessities, the method of operation and enforcement, the reasons underlying every requirement, etc.; then to make certain that the key men in his studio understand, as he does, exactly what has to be done and why, etc., etc. In further aid to the purpose of the Code compliance, we are designating a man in this office to contact in the same way with the individual in the New York office of each of the member companies who has most to do with the purchase of stories in order that such an individual may, in like manner, know the Code necessities. This is with a view to aiding the objective by greater care before purchase of the story - a course which may very well save the companies substantial amounts, as well as aid in the purpose.

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