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There appears to be a team of Hammell, Bottsford and Diggs at Paramount, and Cohen insists that ""the pictures that gave us all any particular concern, like Design for Living, the last Mae West picture and The Great Magoo, have been so produced as not to g

He proposed to other companies that they follow his plan of sending Hammell to Coast to supervise Production Code matters for Paramount last Spring, but they did not follow his action - it has meant they have had few problems with recent films, including Design for Living, The Great Magoo and last Mae West film [I'm No Angel] - have also been making better films


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April 25, 1934. EMMANUEL COHEN to HAYS, in reply... After all the punishment we have taken in connection with efforts to eliminate not only censorable material but also such material as is detrimental to the motion picture industry as a whole, your letter comes as a ray of sunshine. I deemed the best approach to the problem was to bring Hammell to the Coast as not only a fresh viewpoint but also because he is sincerely cognizant of the problems and very sympathetic to their solution. When we had the meeting at your office last Spring, I told of this plan but the other producers turned it down. Moreover, in having Hammell work at the studio, I have clothed him with authority to watch these situations in the writing of the script, as well as in the shooting of the picture, so that we wouldn't make a tremendous investment in a picture and then try to argue ourselves out of it because of the investment. As a result, our pictures have been receiving less and less criticism. Not only have we sincerely and earnestly tried to eliminate these difficulties in every picture that we make but we deliberately try to plan pictures of a healthier kind, such as, SIX OF A KIND, DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY, MANY HAPPY RETURNS, YOU'RE TELLING ME, etc. I have been particularly encouraged by the fact that the pictures that gave us all any particular concern, like DESIGN FOR LIVING, the last Mae West picture and THE GREAT MAGOO, have been so produced as not to give concern after their release; and this is our earnest effort with SAILOR BEWARE, the next Mae West picture and every picture that we make. Hammell, Botsford and Diggs have done a swell job and all the workers in the studio have done a swell job in cooperating with them. I am very pleased that you are getting other studios to adopt a similar policy because I realize only too well that the mistakes of one affect the whole industry. I shall be very glad to have Hammell cooperate in every way possible. When I return to the Coast we can see how to work it out in a manner that does not affect our own problems too seriously.

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