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Gabriel Hess
Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
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They had what Hess calls a ""Trading position,"" presumably that referred to in a memo by Hays of March 30, 1934 of a meeting with Eddie Golden that he would get assent to the Codes from his Association in exchange for the major companies agreeing to favor

Regarding the Independents accepting the Production and Advertising Codes and complying with them - they are resistant. His meeting with Harry Thomas and Eddie Golden, who are Eastern Independent producers, re independent producers subscribing to Production Code and Advertising Code - important to answer charge that Codes could be enforced on them - their members objected because Codes were enforced by MPPDA, but they did not want Codes cited in NRA Code. Golden hoped that by 30 March 1934 Hays might have word on "the Chicago situation."


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There is a March 28 memo from HESS to HAYS, referring to a meeting with EDDIE GOLDEN and HARRY THOMAS - who are Eastern Independent producers:...I explained to them the purpose of securing the approval of the Production and Advertising Codes by their Association and in particular to avoid the charge that these Codes were not and could not be imposed upon "independents", they said that a majority of their members are opposed to subscribing to our Codes because of the machinery lodged with this Association for their enforcement.... I stated to them that I could not discuss the trading position which they had taken and pointed out the importance to the members of their Association of adhering to our Codes; and that I regretted that I had to take beck to you from them the message that their members were opposed to adhering to the Codes.When I started to leave Thomas' office, Golden seemed apprehensive that such a message be given to you and said "Can't the matter of presenting the resolutions to the Code Authority be postponed to give us an opportunity to try and get our members to see the situation as we see it, or if the resolutions are presented to the Code Authority and adopted we will use that as a lever when we meet our members in Atlantic City next week to induce them to agree to abide by the Code?"I believe they have taken this position in the hope that by Friday [March 30] you will have some word for them regarding the Chicago situation. My own view is that you should proceed without them.

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