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Col. Jason S. Joy
MPPDA (Committee on Public Relations)
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MPPDA - Public Relations Committee
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Report on the promotion of screen-writing through a college contest sponsored by Universal.Laemmle screenwriting contest for college students a success: "A course in the writing and technique of motion pictures might properly find a legitimate place in college curriculums. And it augurs well for motion pictures that the future scenario writers may be the product of our universities and colleges." Other work in visual education and Americanization.Use of films within school curricula, and in teaching English to foreigners.5 film synopses.


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Americanization program of Board of Education in Washington - movies used regularly: "200 foreigners were shown a picture upon the White Pine industry of this country ... used to teach English. The film, which must be picked on account of its simple titling, is explained by the instructor as it is projected. After the picture has been shown the foreigners are asked to give the story of what they have seen in English ... Films for the most part are obtained from the Government. Here is a great source of film covering all sorts of subjects, mining, agriculture, forestry, etc., and it can be obtained free of charge. The experiment suggests to each community the possibility of securing this governmental film at merely the cost of transportation and conducting a similar experiment in their theatres."

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