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Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
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Warners is still failing to cooperate - according to Mayer - and Wallis has been insulting Breen. Mayer called to report meeting with Breen, Beetson, Kahane and Sheehan which had discussed WB non-cooperation with Production Code - especially by Wallis over Madame Dubarry. Hays should advise MPPDA Board of Directors that such a film should be stopped and WB take the loss.


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March 16, 1934 (6.00 p.m.). Hays memo L.B. Mayer called me just a little while ago advising he had just finished a meeting with Messrs. Breen, Beetson, Kahane and Sheehan, in which there was important discussion about the failure of Warner Bros. and of Hal Wallis particularly to accept the responsibility of the Code; that Mr. Breen had great difficulty with them in connection with the Dubarry script; that Wallis had insulted him; that he had to prepare seven pages of corrections in the script submitted, etc., etc.; that he, Mayer, thought I should, with Harry Warner present, advise the heads here if this pictures was made or any similar picture was made in spite of our recommendations as to the script, it would be stopped after the picture was made regardless of the loss; that I should say that if after I warned and warned they still insisted on making a picture, they would have to take the loss if there wasy [sic] any way to stop the picture, etc.; that he had told Mr. Breen who was worried about "some book Metro had bought" that Mr. Breen "need not worry"; that if they went ahead and made the treatment that regardless of what that would cost it could be rejected after the treatment was made. I told Mr. Mayer that I would pursue his suggestion; that at the meeting of the Executive Committee today one book and two plays bought by member companies were discussed as to the necessity of taking some action to prevent the picturization entirely, etc.

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