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Mr Will H. Hays, President, MPPDA
MPPDA (members)
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Outlining the new resolution requiring distribution contracts to ensure the Production and Advertising Codes are upheld. 26 March 1934 MPPDA Board of Directors resolution approved AMPP resolution of 5 February 1934 extending Production Code and Advertising Code adherence to independent producers - this to be included in distributors' contracts with them, and also suggesting a clause to be written in to contracts leasing studios to them.


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April 2, 1934HAYS to MPPDA Companies [March 16 1934 MPPDA Executive Committee approved the following resolution passed by AMPP February 5, 1934]: "RESOLVED, that the directors of the AMPP request the distributors, in their contracts for distribution, made by such distributors with producers who are not an integral part of their organizations, to require that such producers, in all pictures made and distributed under such contracts for distribution, shall comply with all the rules and regulations of the AMPP, and cooperate fully with such California Association; and that such producers shall abide by the provisions of the Production and Advertising Codes adopted by the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America, Inc., on March 31, 1930, and June 6, 1930, respectively, together with the resolutions for Uniform Interpretation of the same; and RESOLVED FURTHER, that Mr. Hays be requested to take such action as may be necessary to the end that a pro rata share of the cost of administering such Codes and Interpretation be borne by all such pictures, through distribution and/or otherwise."MPPDA Board of Directors accepted this resolution March 26, 1934, and established a mechanism for pro rata payment by independent producers as well as a clause to be inserted into contracts. Hays also proposes a similar clause requiring adherence to be inserted into studio leases.

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