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Meetings - MPPDA Advertising Committee

There was no agreement on the amendment that "We also agree not to use or permit to be used tickets and/or passes as prizes in publicity contests, in any manner,in the belief that the awarding of tickets and/or passes might tend to lower admission prices and would therefore be contrary to the intent of the code" to NRA Code Part 3, Section 1, of Article 5 Division E ...


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Members voted on the recommendation that no admission tickets should be used as prices to publicity contests as it might lower admission prices. No unanimous verdict could be reached and it was decided to leave the decision to theatre owners as the results of the move would strongly effect them. "It was the unanimous PERSONAL opinion of those present that elimination of passes or tickets would be a hardship and costly to the theatres. ... [It was] decided to refer the entire matter back to the theatre operators and heads of the distribution departments and ask for a prompt and definite decision from them."

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