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MPPDA (Committee on Public Relations, Executive Committee)
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MPPDA - Civic Committee
see also 01-0039 to 01-0040

Proposals for MPPDA public relations action, arising from meeting of 08-15-1922. Involves national headquarters of affiliated organizations, and local committees. Public relations reviewing plans -- aims include encouraging publication of photoplay guides in newspapers and classifying films according to type of audience they would suit -- encouragement of children's matinees


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CIVIC COMMITTEE.1922 September 12, 1922 MEMORANDUM FOR MEMBERS OF Executive COMMITTEE. In compliance with the action of the Committee of Twenty at its August 15 meeting, the following rough plan is submitted for your consideration: (a) For national headquarters of affiliated organizations. 1. One or more officials of each organization to view and review films likely to be of interest to members of the organization which they represent. 2. Transmit reviews to local units. Make available also for local units reports of other organizations, if desirable, such as the National Board of Review, National Motion Picture League, etc. 3. Encourage publication of Photo Play Guides, in newspapers -- reviewing films and classifying them according to type of audiences to which they would appeal. 4. Secure national and local endorsements for unusually fine plays. 5. Discourage excessive, inaccurate, and vicious advertising.(b) For Local Committees. 1. Secure reports of current releases from the national headquarters of the organizations concerned and also, if desirable, from other reviewing organizations. 2. Consult with local exhibitors, recognizing that any movement for the betterment of motion pictures must seek the co-operation and approval of the man financially interested in the commercial theatres. 3. Discuss with exhibitors the possibility of giving representation in their programs to films urged by the national headquarters of organizations concerned. 4. Plan with exhibitors for a. Children's Matinees at which will be shown films -- particularly suitable for children of school age. b. "Family Fridays" when such films will be shown as are suitable for parents and children coming together to the theatre. 5. Give affirmative endorsement to particularly good plays about to be shown in local theatres. 6. Secure support of organization members and of the general public for all endorsed plays. This means getting increased audiences by securing the co-operation of schools, press and pulpit. 7. Arrange with the assistance of exhibitors for putting out general information thru local press to advise people in advance concerning coming attractions. 8. Keep familiar with current literature and developments in motion pictures. 9. Carry on a campaign of education tending to develop sentiment for finer types of pictures. 10. Consider desirability of co-ordination with other similarly organized committee of national organizations. Mr. Will Hays will make arrangements with the producers whereby they will show in a conveniently located projection room, films which you may desire to see. Arrangements can be made for advising you of the time, place, and character of these showings. You may be given a brief outline of the film.

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