Full Name Surname Born Died
Welford Beaton Beaton
Captain George MacLeon Baynes Baynes
Governor Percival P. Baxter Baxter
Bruce Barton Barton
John Barry Barry
Howard Y. Barry Barry
Wilton A. Barrett Barrett 1885
William F. Barrett Barrett
Julius Barnes Barnes
Harry Barnard Barnard
Alben W. Barkley Barkley
Harold Bareford Bareford
Albert H.T. Banzhaf Banzhaf
Banton Banton
Joseph W. Ballantine Ballantine
H. G. Ballance Ballance
J. A. Ball Ball
Barney Balaban Balaban
George Pierce Baker Baker
Baker Baker
Frederick H. Bair Bair
Tom Baily Baily
Chester B. Bahn Bahn
George L. Bagnall Bagnall
Dave Bader Bader
Roger S. Babson Babson
Merlin H. Aylesworth Aylesworth 1886
Iselin Auster Auster
B. A. Aughinbaugh Aughinbaugh
Pierre Artigue Artigue
Harry Arthur Arthur
Hank Arnold Arnold
George Arliss Arliss
George P. Arens Arens
Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle Arbuckle
Dr Alfred Anthony Anthony
Dr George Reid Andrews Andrews 1886 1941
Robert P. Anderson Anderson
R. E. Anderson Anderson
L. S. Anderson Anderson
Phil LeMar Anderson Anderson
Henry Anderson Anderson
Winthrop Ames Ames
Mabel K. Alt Alt
Ed L. Alperson Alperson
F. W. Allport Allport
Joseph Aller Aller
E. H. Allen Allen
Mrs Ola Allen Allen
Devere Allen Allen
Isaac Alkus Alkus
John W. Alicoate Alicoate
Will W. Alexander Alexander
Filoteo Alberini Alberini
N. F. Agnew Agnew
George Ade Ade
Mrs A. L. Adams Adams
G. Act Act
Carl Ackerman Ackerman
Dr Paul S. Achilles Achilles
Col. S. H. Abrams Abrams
Lester J. Abels Abels
S. E. Abel Abel
John Abbott Abbott
Mary Allan Abbott Abbott
Willis J. Abbot Abbot
F. W. A. A.
Governor of New York
Governor of Ohio
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