Full Name Surname Born Died
Stumph Stumph
Paul Sulick Sulick
Louis E. Swarts Swarts
Joel Swensen Swensen
W. T. T.
Paul Talbot Talbot
Truman H. Talley Talley
Louis A. Taschereau Taschereau
Homer G. Tasker Tasker
Irving L. Tenney Tenney
Ramsaye Terry Terry
Abel Carey Thomas Thomas
C. Stanley Thompson Thompson
Lester E. Thompson Thompson
Howard A. Timbrell Timbrell
Dr Worth Tippy Tippy
Charles Tonsor Tonsor
C. D. Touchon Touchon
George Trendle Trendle
Walter K. Tuller Tuller
Walter Turnbull Turnbull
Rev Clifford Grey Twombley Twombley
Norman R. Tyre Tyre
Unger Unger
L. J. Vandenbergh Vandenbergh
Florence Vincent Vincent
R. P. Waite Waite
Francis Walker Walker
H. Rowan Walker Walker
H. W. Warley Warley
John Warner Warner
Judge Garland Watkins Watkins
Dr Karl Waugh Waugh
A. P. Waxman Waxman
Stuart Webb Webb
J. T. Weckbough Weckbough
Weeks Weeks
Arthur W. Weil Weil
Lois Weis Weis
Seymour Weiss Weiss
Sumner Welles Welles
Edmund H. Wells Wells
B. B. Wesley Wesley
Dudley West West
Frank Whitbeck Whitbeck
Gordon S. White White
Tom Whittimore Whittimore
Don E. Widlund Widlund
R. B. Wilby Wilby
Jacob Wilk Wilk
Alan M. Wilkinson Wilkinson
Dr Alen Wilkinson Wilkinson
C. E. Williams Williams
Frank R. Wilson Wilson
John V. Wilson Wilson
Carey Wilson Wilson
Col, Roy W. Winton Winton
Lois Wiss Wiss
Paul A. Witty Witty
Herman Wobber Wobber
Matthew Woll Woll
Harry Wolz Wolz
Roy F. Woodbury Woodbury
A. W.W. Woodcock Woodcock
Woodle Woodle
Frank Woods Woods
J. S. Woody Woody
Major Ward Wooldridge Wooldridge
Lloyd Wright Wright
Sol Wurtzel Wurtzel
Elizabeth Yeaman Yeaman
Gabe S. Yorke Yorke
Arthur M. Young Young
Loretta Young Young
Colonel L. A. Young Young
Hon Harold J. Hinman Hinman
Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle Arbuckle
Mrs Oliver Harriman Harriman
Schuler Schuler
Ralph Hayes Hayes
Thomas Edison Edison
Siegfried Hartman Hartman
Carter Glass Glass
Governor of New York
Paul H. Cromelin Cromelin
Col. William A. Brady Brady
John W. Alicoate Alicoate
D. W. Griffith Griffith
Miss Connolly Connolly
Hugh Frayne Frayne
Howard S. Braucher Braucher
John F. Moore Moore
James E. West West
John C. Flynn Flynn
Mrs Harry Lilly Lilly
E. J. Dupuy Dupuy
Percy Marmont Marmont
Prof Stevenson Stevenson
Prof Richard Fox Fox
Arthur S. Friend Friend
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