Full Name Surname Born Died
Mrs Walter McNab Miller Miller
Mrs S. A. Ellsworth Ellsworth
Mrs Rosemonde Rae Wright Wright
Mrs Robert King King
Mrs Robbins Gilman Gilman
Mrs P. Jomini Jomini
Mrs Oliver Harriman Harriman
Mrs Ola Allen Allen
Mrs Newton D. Chapman Chapman
Mrs Mary Mason Speed Speed
Mrs Margaretta Reeve Reeve
Mrs Malcolm Parker MacCoy MacCoy
Mrs John Vruwink Vruwink
Mrs J. E. Reilley Reilley
Mrs Huey Long Long
Mrs Herbert Field Field
Mrs Harry Lilly Lilly
Mrs H. O. Porter Porter
Mrs Gordon Blackwood Blackwood
Mrs Elizabeth Richey Dessez Dessez
Mrs E. H. Jacobs Jacobs
Mrs C. O. Woodson Woodson
Mrs Ambrose N. Diehl Diehl
Mrs Alfred Goldsmith Goldsmith
Mrs A. Mitchell Palmer Palmer
Mrs A. L. Adams Adams
Mrs A. H. Reeve Reeve
Mrs A. H. Brenner Brenner
Mrs A. C. Hough Hough
Mrs John Stearns Thayer Thayer
Mrs Sterrett Sterrett
Mrs Snow Snow
Mrs Skinner Skinner
Mrs Littlewood Littlewood
Mrs Kinnaird Kinnaird
Mrs Graham Graham
Mr Will H. Hays Hays November 5, 1879 March 7, 1954
Mr Walt Disney Disney
Mr Lowell H. Brown Brown
Mr F. Herrick Herrick Herrick
Mr Charles C. Pettijohn Pettijohn 1881
Mr Cecil B. DeMille DeMille August 12, 1881 January 21, 1959
Mr Southard Southard
Mr Smiley Smiley
Mr Seymour Seymour
Mr Marshall Marshall
Mr Dame Dame
Miss Mary Van Kleeck Van Kleeck
Miss Julia Kelly Kelly
Miss Helen Connelly Connelly
Miss H. Kass Kass
Miss Elizabeth Ussher Ussher
Miss Smith Smith
Miss Plate Plate
Miss Marbury Marbury
Miss King King
Miss Hunt Hunt
Miss Connolly Connolly
Miss Brown Brown
Miss Braig Braig
Major Ward Wooldridge Wooldridge
Major Thompson Thompson
M. Serruys Serruys
Lieutenant W. E. Ryan Ryan
Judge Kenneshaw Mountain Landis Landis
Judge Garland Watkins Watkins
Judge Charles H. Leavy Leavy
Judge Ben Lindsay Lindsay
Judge Thacher Thacher
Judge Lockwood Lockwood
Hon. George E. Judge Judge
Hon. Fred H. Davis Davis
Hon Harold J. Hinman Hinman
Governor Percival P. Baxter Baxter
Governor of Ohio
Governor of New York
Governor Martin Davey Davey
Governor McNutt McNutt
Governor Cox Cox
Father F. G. Dinneen Dinneen
Father O'Donnell O'Donnell
Father Kelly Kelly
Dr Worth Tippy Tippy
Dr William P. Merrill Merrill
Dr William B. Millar Millar
Dr Walter A. Jessup Jessup
Dr W. L. Derby Derby
Dr W. H. Fineshriber Fineshriber
Dr Sanger Brown Brown
Dr Phyllis Blanchard Blanchard
Dr Paul S. Achilles Achilles
Dr Paul Koretz Koretz
Dr Newell Dwight Hillis Hillis
Dr Monroe Work Work
Dr M. C. Pearson Pearson
Dr Lee K. Frankel Frankel
Dr Lee De Forest De Forest
Dr Karl Waugh Waugh
Dr Julius Klein Klein
Dr Joseph L. Holmes Holmes
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