Canon William Sheafe Chase

Canon William Sheafe Chase


Episcopalian minister and fervent campaigner for regulation and censorship of motion pictures. Rector of Christ Church, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1905-32, where he used motion pictures in religious education and sought to prohibit commercial exhibition on Sundays. Active in campaigns for censorship in New York from 1907, and principal author of the New York State law for the Regulation of Motion Pictures, enacted in 1921. Founded a series of reform organizations, many concerned with regulating motion pictures. Author of 'Catechism on Motion Picture in Interstate Commerce," and Superintendent of the International Reform Federation until January 1937 – a position that made him “the ex officio No. 1 U. S. Reformer,” according to Time magazine. In 1925, he became General Secretary of the Federal Motion Picture Council in America, Inc.

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