John C. Flinn

John C. Flinn


Entered the motion picture industry in 1914 as publicity manager of Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Company. Became advertising and publicity manager of Famous Players-Lasky Corporation when the companies merged. In 1924 became vice-president in charge of advertising and publicity of W. W. Hodkinson Corporation, and subsequently became vice president and general manager of Producers Distributing Corporation (Pro-Dis-Co). Was also president and director of Metropolitan Picture Corporation of California; vice president and director of Cinema Corporation of America and vice president and director of Cecil B. DeMille Pictures Corporation. When Pro-Dis-Co merged with Pathé he became vice president of the combined organizations in charge of exploitation.  In 1933 he became executive secretary of the NRA Code Authority for the motion picture industry. Joined the editorial staff of Variety in 1935.

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