J. D. Williams

J. D. Williams


Entered motion picture industry as theatre owner in Vancouver, B. C, then in Spokane, Wash. In 1909 he moved to Australia where he founded the Greater J. D. Williams Amusement Company, which subsequently merged with other distributors and theatre chains to become Union Theatres, Ltd., and Australasian Films, Ltd. In 1913 he sold out his Australian interests. Returning to America he and W. W. Hodkinson organized a national distributing company which later developed into the genesis of the present Paramount company. In 1916 he organized the First National Exhibitors' Circuit, Inc., which became First National Pictures, Inc., with Williams as its general manager until 1922. In 1925 he organized Ritz- Carlton Pictures. Inc, and in 1926 he went to England where he organized British International Pictures. Ltd., and built Elstree studios. In 1928 he organized World Wide Pictures. Inc.. of New York, the first American nationwide distributing company to specialize in imported films exclusively with partners including Earl W. Hammons.

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