Jack Warner

Jack Warner
Head of Production


Vice president in charge of production, Warner Bros.-First National Studios.  With other Warner brothers, he opened their first theatre in Newcastle, Pa. in 1903, then a film exchange at Pittsburgh in 1905, and later a production branch called Warner Features, which failed in 1913. In 1917 the brothers reunited to make an adaptation of James W. Gerard's book, My Four Years in Germany. as a picture. In 1923 they formed Warner Bros. Pictures, acquiring Vitagraph in 1924 and First National in 1929. They also built up a theatre chain, acquiring the Stanley theatre chain in 1932. Jack Warner’s principal role in the company was in production, and he established the company’s studio in Hollywood in 1923. During the development of Vitaphone, he worked in New York on production, retuning to Hollywood when Vitaphone production moved there.

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