Winfield R. Sheehan

Winfield R. Sheehan
Vice president and General Manager of Fox Film Corporation


Vice president and general manager of Fox Film Corporation. New York-based journalist from 1901 to 1909, he was well-connected in New York’s Democratic Party politics, and became secretary to New York City’s fire commissioner Rhinelander Waldo in 1910 and to Waldo when he became the police commissioner from 1911-14, where he developed a close working relationship with William Fox.  In 1914, after the election of reform mayor John Purroy Mitchel had put him out of municipal employment, Sheehan entered the motion picture industry as Fox's personal secretary. After establishing the Fox studios in Hollywood, he managed the company’s American, European and other foreign distribution branches and newsreels, becoming vice president and general manager of the corporation in 1921. When Fox amalgamated with Twentieth Century in 1935, he resigned from Fox and became an independent producer.

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