Gradwell L. Sears

Gradwell L. Sears
General Sales Manager for Warner Bros


General Sales Manager for Warner Bros. Entered motion picture industry in 1911 as an operator while at high school. Affer World War I he became salesman for World Film Company under George Schaefer, later working for Republic Distributing Corporation, Selznick and Vitagraph. In December, 1920 he joined First National Pictures as a salesman, and rose to become general sales manager for Warner Bros. in the South and West, in March 1931. In 1935 he became vice-president of Vitagraph, and in August 1937 he became General Sales Manager for Warner Bros. He was elected president of Vitagraph, Inc. in February 1938. He moved to United Artists in 1941, becoming vice-president and general manager of distribution, and subsequently President.

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