Martin Quigley

Martin Quigley
President of Quigley Publishing Co., Inc


President of Quigley Publishing Co., Inc. and publisher of Motion Picture Daily, Motion Picture Herald, International Motion Picture Almanac. He began his career as a police reporter in Chicago in 1910.  In 1913 he bought the trade Journal Exhibitors Herald, and in 1917 her merged it with Motography. In 1928 he acquired Moving Picture World, and combined his publications into Exhibitors’ Herald-World. When he acquired Motion Picture News in 1931, the publication arrived at its final title, Motion Picture Herald. Quigley is frequently identified as one of the authors of the Production Code; with Daniel Lord, SJ, he co-wrote a document that became known as “the Reasons Supporting the Code,” and was privately circulated by the MPPDA in 1930. Quigley published the text of this document in 1934, and subsequently referred to it as the Code, regarding the actual Production Code – that is, the text agreed to by the Directors of the AMPP and the MPPDA, published in 1930 and used by the SRC and the PCA – as a “patchwork … summary or digest,” containing “a collection of edicts .. on matter not necessarily falling within the purview of the moral principles of the Code.” (Martin J Quigley, “The Motion-Picture Production Code,” America 10 March 1956, 630-2) His own publications, however, continued to publish the official text.  Quigley also wrote Decency in Motion Pictures in 1937.

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