Mr Charles C. Pettijohn

Mr Charles C. Pettijohn
General Counsel


General counsel, MPPDA and Film Boards of Trade. An lawyer in Indianapolis from 1903-1916 and then New York, he was also an Indiana Democratic party politician, and a close personal friend of Will Hays. Before 1922 he had been attorney for the American Exhibitors Association, the Independent Producers Association, the Exhibitors Mutual Film Company and the Selznick Pictures Corporation, He was instrumental in the establishment of the MPPDA, and joined it as its General Counsel on its establishment. As General Counsel for the MPPDA and the Film Boards of Trade, his main responsibilities concerned trade relations with exhibitors, and legislative affairs, particularly at state level.  In 1935, Time credited Pettijohn with directing the 1934 campaign against Upton Sinclair’s candidacy for Governor of California, and with being one of President Roosevelt’s senior advisors in his re-election campaign in 1936.

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