Raymond Moley

Raymond Moley
Professor of Public Law


Journalist, academic and Author, Are We Movie Made (1936) and The Hays Office (1945). Professor of public law at Columbia university from 1923, he supported of Franklin Roosevelt in his election campaign of 1932, and member of Roosevelt’s “Brains Trust” of advisors from 1932 to 1933. Appointed as Assistant Secretary of State, he broke with Roosevelt in mid-1933 and became a conservative critic of the New Deal, in newspaper articles and his book, After Seven Years (1939). Recruited by hays to write a popular critique of the Payne Fund Studies, Are We Movie Made, he also wrote The Hays Office as a defense of industrial self-regulation. The book was written in 1939 as part of the industry’s defense strategy against the Department of Justice’s Paramount suit, but not published until the suit became active again after the revocation of the 1940 consent decree in the case.

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