Carl E. Milliken

Carl E. Milliken


Secretary, Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America, Inc. Career in lumber and telephone industries and as a Republican state politician in Maine. Entering the Maine House of Representatives in 1905, he served two terms as governor of Maine, 1917-1921. Prominent in the activities of the Baptist Church, the YMCA, and the Federal Council of Churches; Subsequently entered motion picture industry with a group of prominent Maine citizens, producing a series of pictures from outdoor stories featuring the state’s scenery. In 1925 he was named a member of the board of directors of the Religious Motion Picture Foundation established by the William Harmon Foundation, in co-operation with the Federal Council of Churches and MPPDA.. In January 1926 he replaced Courtland Smith as secretary of the MPPDA, where he was heavily involved in negotiations with Protestant churches. When the initial co-operative relationship disintegrated, Milliken resigned from the board of the FCCCA over their critical report on the industry in 1931.  In 1934 he represented the United States at the international Conference of Educational Cinematography in Rome, and in 1935 he represented the MPPDA at a London conference on the establishment of a Production Code Administration for the European film Industry. He retied from the MPPDA in 1947, becoming managing trustee for Teaching Films Custodians.

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