Samuel Goldwyn

Samuel Goldwyn


Producer and owner-member of United Artists Corporation. Emigrated from Poland via England in 1898. Formerly a glove-maker and salesman, Samuel Goldfish founded the Lasky company with his brother-in-law Jesse Lasky in 1913. In 1916 Goldfish was instrumental in bringing about the merger between Famous Players and the Lasky company, and became chairman of the board of directors of Famous Players-Lasky. In 1918, Zukor and Lasky bought him out, and he formed Goldwyn Pictures Corporation with Arch and Edgar Selwyn. He changed his name to Goldwyn shortly afterwards. Goldwyn sold his interest to the Metro company and started again in 1922 as an independent producer under his own name. In 1926 he allied his production company with United Artists Corporation, and became an owner-member of United Artists in October 1927.

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