Ned E. Depinet

Ned E. Depinet
(Vice-Pres RKO-Pathe in 1932) Sales Manager


Vice-president, RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. He entered motion picture industry from high school, as a booker and a salesman with the Imported Film & Supply Company of New Orleans, which became part of the General Film Company in 1910. He became Southern division manager for Universal from 1911 to 1924, when he became one of the company’s three New York-based sales directors. In 1928 he moved to First National as sales director for the Southern territory, and then general sales manager with jurisdiction over all domestic distribution. When Pathé was acquired by RKO he became an executive of the new company, and was appointed to the board of directors of RKO Radio Pictures and RKO Pathé in October, 1932. He became president of RKO Distributing Corp. in March, 1934, and a director of the MPPDA. In December 1936 he became vice-president of RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. May, 1937, he also became president of Pathé News, Inc.

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