Robert H. Cochrane

Robert H. Cochrane


Vice president of Universal Pictures Corporation. Newspaper reporter and editor in Ohio, then established the Cochrane Advertising Agency in Chicago in 1904. Through the agency he met Carl Laemmle, then of the Continental Clothing Company of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. When Laemmle established his motion picture enterprise in Chicago in 1906, Cochrane joined the Laemmle Film Service as advertising man. In 1909 he became vice-president of Laemmle’s first production organization, the Yankee Film Company, then vice-president of Universal Film Manufacturing Company in 1912. He remained vice-president of Universal Pictures Corporation until 1936. He Served as president of Universal from April, 1936 to December, 1937. in June 1922 he was elected a director of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America, Inc., representing Universal. 1933-1935 member of the NRA Code authority of the Motion Picture Industry, representing Universal.

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