Title Division
Independent Theatre Owners of California
Independent Order Brith Abraham
Independent Motion Pictures Exhibitors’ Association
Independent Motion Picture Producers Association
Import Export Domestic
Imperial Distributing Corporation
Illinois Woman’s Press Association
Ideal PIctures
Hudson’s Bay Company
Houston Censor Board
House of Representatives, Australia
Hotel Biltmore, LA
Hopkins & Hopkins
Hollywood Reporter
Hollywood Magazine
Hollywood Herald
Hollywood Citizen News
Hollywood Citizen
Holifield, Gardner and McDonald
Herald Tribune
Hebrew Union College, Cincinatti
Hayes-Beall Studio
Harvard University
Harvard University Business School
Harvard Business Review
Hartwell Publishing Corporation
Harrisburg Pa Telegraph
Harold Lloyd Corporation
Hal Roach Studios
Greenwich Village Quill
Greater Amusements
Grand National
Gramling, Booth & Gramling
Golden State Theatre Circuit
Golden Arrow Productions
Gold Seal Productions
Georgia Federation of Women's Clubs
General Federation of Women’s Clubs
General Federation of Women’s Clubs Motion Picture Division
General Electric
Fulton County Juvenile Court
Frontier Films
FPL Publicity Department
Fox West Coast Theatres
Fox Theatre
Fox Movietone
Fox West Coast Theatres
Fox Movietone News
Fox Publicity, Hollywood
Fox Film Exchange
Fox Educational Picture Project
for Allied States
Florida Censor Board
Fitelson & Mayers
First Presbyterian Church of Sullivan, Indiana
First National Studios
First National Studios Producers, directors, writers, cutters
First Division Pictures
Finkelstein & Ruben
Films for Democracy
Film Weekly London
Film Spectator
Film Daily
Film Clubs
Film Box Office
Film Board/s of Trade
Film Board of Trade Dallas
Film Board of Trade Portland
Film Board of Trade Philadelphia
Film Board of Trade St Louis
Film Board of Trade Los Angeles
Film Board of Trade Cincinatti
Film Board of Trade Detroit
Film Board of Trade Cleveland
Film Board of Trade Calgary
Film Board of Trade Montreal
Film Board of Trade Toronto
Film Board of Trade Vancouver
Film Board of Trade Indianapolis
Film Board of Trade Omaha
Federated Church Brotherhoods of California
Federal Trade Commission
Federal Radio Commission
Federal Motion Picture Council of America
Federal Motion Picture Commission
Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America Commission on Motion Pictures
Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America
Fawcett Publishers
Famous Theaters
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