Title Division
MPPDA all distributors of foreign films
MPPDA all managers
MPPDA Board of Directors
MPPDA Committee on Public Relations, Committee of Twenty
MPPDA Committee on Social Values in Motion Pictures
MPPDA Committees representing every branch of the industry
MPPDA Eastern studios PCA contacts
MPPDA Committee on Public Relations, Executive Committee
MPPDA Film Preservation Committee
MPPDA Heads of scenario departments
MPPDA Advertising Committee
MPPDA Executive Committee
MPPDA Committee on Public Relations, Sub-Committee on Eliminations
MPPDA Committee on Public Relations, Sub-Committee on Religious Films
MPPDA members
MPPDA company heads
MPPDA Committee on Public Relations, Committee of Fifteen
MPPDA Executive Committee, Committee of Five
MPPDA Department of Public Relations
MPPDA Law Committee
MPPDA membership
MPPDA foreign managers
MPPDA sales managers
MPPDA Copyright Committee
MPPDA Foreign Department
MPPDA Finance Committee
MPPDA Publicity, Advertising and Exploitation Committee
MPPDA Advertising Advisory Council
MPPDA Tax Committee
MPPDA publicity directors
MPPDA Advertising Code Committee
MPPDA production heads
MPPDA Eastern Production Code Administration
MPDE of Canada
Movie Maker
Motion Pictures Today
Motion Picture Research Council
Motion Picture Relief Fund of America
Motion Picture Patents Company
Motion Picture News
Motion Picture Herald
Motion Picture Distributors and Exhibitors of Canada
Motion Picture Daily
Motion Picture Council of the United States of America
Motion Picture Commission, New York
Motion Picture Commission, Milwaukee
Motion Picture Chamber of Commerce of America Non-Theatrical Incorporated
Motion Picture Artists and Film Fans’ Federation
Morgan Lithograph Company
Monument Theatre Corp.
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