Title Division
Authors' League of America
Authors' League of America Screen Writers' Guild
Baker, Botts, Andrews & Wharton
Balaban & Katz
Better Business Bureau
Better Films Committee Janesville, WI
Better Films Committee Atlanta
Better Films Committees
Board of Trade Departmental Committee on Cinematograph Films
Board of Trade and Commerce of the Motion Picture Industry
Boston Evening Globe
Boston University
Boy Scouts
Bray Pictures Inc.
Brazilian Information Service
Brazilian-American Coffee Promotion Committee
British Board of Film Censors
British National Film League
Brooklyn Tablet, The
Brooklyn Times
Brown and Williamson
Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce all members
Burns Detective Agency
Burns Detective Agency
B’Nai B’Rith
Cadwalader, Wickersham and Taft
California Federation of Women's Clubs LA District Board
California Federation of Women’s Clubs
Camel cigarettes
Cameo Theatre, San Francisco
Canadian Council on Child Welfare
Carnegie Foundation
Casanave Circuit
Catholic Bishops Committee
Catholic Church Catholic Bishops Committee
Catholic Church
Catholic World
Cecil B. DeMille Productions
Cedar Valley Times, Vinton, Iowa
Central Casting
Central Verein
Chadwick Productions Inc.
Chambre Syndicale Francaise de la Cinematographie
Charleston Mail
Charlotte Better Films
Chas. R. Rogers Talking Pictures Corp.
Chase National Bank
Chester Erskine - Consolidated Films
Chicago & Alton Railroad Co.
Chicago Board of Aldermen
Chicago Board of Motion Picture Censorship
Chicago Church Federation
Chicago Daily Tribune
Chicago Herald & Examiner
Child Welfare Clinic
Child Welfare Magazine
Children’s Aid Society Juvenile Protectorate Department
Christian Advocate
Christian Century
Christian Endeavor World
Christian Science Monitor
Christie Comedies
Christie Film Company
Chrystie Theatre Corporation
Church and Drama Association
Church and Drama League
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Churchman, The
Cincinnati Time Recorder Company, The
Cinematograph Exhibitors’ Association of Great Britain and Ireland
Citizens' League of Maryland for Better Motion Pictures, The
Civic Forum, The
Civic Union of St Louis
Cleveland Motion Picture Exhibitors’ Association
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Clune’s Broadway Theatre
Code Authority of the Motion Picture Industry
Colonial Dames of America
Color Craft
Colortone Pictures Corp.
Columbia Amusement Co.
Columbia University
Columbus Ohio Board of Censors
Commission on International Justice & Goodwill
Committee on Jewish Rights
Committee on Social Values in Motion Pictures
Commonwealth Club of California
Congressional Record, The
Connecticut Agricultural College
Consolidated Film
Consolidated Films
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