Title Division
Principal Pictures
Princeton University
Pressteel Engineering
Press Publishing Co.
Presbyterian Church
Portland Film Board of Trade
Pinkerton Detective Agency
Pictures Realization Corp.
Pickford-Lasky Productions
Photoplay Magazine
Photo-Era Magazine
Phillips and Nizer
Philadelphia Exhibitor
Philadelphia Board of Trade
Performing Right Society
Pennsylvania District Court Eastern District
Pennsylvania Board of Censors
Patrician Pictures
Pathe Exchange
Pasadena Women's Clubs
Parent-Teacher Magazine
Parent-Teacher Association
Paramount Theatre Services
Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation
Paramount Distribution, San Francisco
Paramount Publicity
Paramount Paris office
Paramount New York Exchange
Paramount Distribution
Paramount Foreign Department
Paramount New York, publicity
Paramount Publix
Palmer Photoplay Corporation (later Palmer Institute of Authorship)
Pacific Southwest Theatres
P.T. Wilfort Film
O’Brian, Malevinsky & Driscoll
Orange County Courier
Omaha News
Olympic Pictures
Ohio Legislature
Ohio Censor Board
Northwestern University
North American Review
Non-Partisan Campaign
News-Tribune, Beaver Falls, Pa.
New York World, The
New York Times, The
New York Times
New York Theatre Owners Chamber of Commerce
New York Supreme Court
New York Sun, The
New York Stock Exchange
New York State Federation of Labor
New York Society for Suppression of Vice
New York Motion Picture Corporation
New York Mirror
New York legislature
New York Herald Tribune
New York Herald
New York Federation of Women's Clubs
New York Federation of Churches
New York Censor Board
New School for Social Research
New Orleans Portland Press
New Jersey Public Library Commission
New England District Theatres
Neumade Projects
NBC Short Wave News
National Vigilance Committee
National Recovery Administration (NRA)
National Motion Picture League
National Motion Picture Conference
National Jewelers Publicity Association
National Exchange Managers Association
National Education Association Visual Education
National Education Association
National Council on Freedom from Censorship
National Council
National Congress of Parents and Teachers
National Committee for the Study of Social Values in Motion Pictures
National Committee for Better Films
National Catholic Welfare Council
National Bureau of Standards
National Board of Review
National Board of Censorship
National Billiard Association
National Better Business Bureau
National Better Business Bureau Bureau members
National Association of the Motion Picture Industry
National Association of Ice Industries
National Archives, The
National Archives
National Advertising Clubs of the World
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