MPPDA Digital Archive - Completion of the First Round

Published: 31/07/2012

Author: Liz Milford

August 2012 - Completion of first round of the "new" web based MPPDA Digital Archive site

We are pleased to announce that the first round of the "new" MPPDA Digital Archive site is now complete.  The process of creating this web-based, digital MPPDA Archive began almost two years ago and was built upon several earlier rounds of work (with archival formats ranging from microfilm with a card index catalogue through several stand-alone databases).  Each re-iteration of the archive has served to further enrich the data and we are proud that the MPPDA Digital Archive of today is such a comprehensive and valued resource.  Our statistics page gives information on the number of registered users and visits to the site.

 The MPPDA Digital Archive contains: 

  • 35 000 digital images representing a copy of every page from the 12 original 16mm microfilm rolls accessed by Professor Maltby in 1984
  • 1169 referenced people with additional biographical information supplied for over 130 leading MPPDA characters
  • 757 referenced organisations, many with additional information included and associated with relevant records
  • 671 referenced films, many with additional date and studio details appended
  • over 275 associated transcriptions, now all in PDF format
  • a searchable classification of all records according to type (letter, memo, minutes etc)
  • numerous legacy notes, editorial comments and over 200 keywords associated with records

As with any project of this magnitude and longitudinal scope the processes of refining, editing and appending additional information and data will continue; the next major project will be to extend the keyword indexing more fully across the whole Archive. 

Your comments and feedback are always appreciated. We are particularly interested to hear from people using the Archive for research publications and in their teaching.

Thank you for your interest in the MPPDA Digital Archive.


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