Document Transcriptions

Published: 30/06/2012

Author: Liz Milford

June 2012:  A total of 275 document transcriptions have now been added to the MPPDA Archive.

This process began in July 2011 when a batch of transcripts was professionally prepared for adding to the collection.  These preliminary transcriptions included:

  • documents from 1929 relating to the Harvard Business School and the Federal Trade Commission law suit against Famous Players-Lasky over the legality of block booking;
  • documents from 1935 on screen advertising;
  • documents from 1925 on the establishment of the MPPDA’s Department of Public Relations;
  • a 1927 report on the frequency of movie attendance
  • documents from 1928 relating to the Censorship of synchronized film;
  • documents from 1931 relating to an MPPDA-sponsored plan to promote motion picture attendance called “Better Movies for Bette Times”.

All transcriptions have now been converted to pdf format for easy download and access.  Many of these transcriptions relate to multiple records and have been linked to individual records accordingly.