Title Year Studio
21 Days Together 1940
A Lady Surrenders 1930 Universal
Abraham Lincoln 1930 D.W. Griffith Inc.
Accent on Youth 1935 Paramount
Across the Pacific 1926 Warner Bros.
Adam and Evil 1927 MGM
Adam and the Devil
Admirable Crichton, The
Affairs of a Gentleman
Africa Speaks 1938
Age for Love
Age of Consent
Alibi United Artists
All of Me
All Quiet on the Western Front
All Velvet
Alligator Farming and Hunting Fox
American Tragedy 20th
Angels with Dirty Faces
Animal Crackers
Ankles Preferred
Ann Vickers
Anna Christie
Annie Rooney
Anthony Adverse
Arsene Lupin Returns
As Husbands Go
Ashes of Vengeance
Assassin Strikes, The (serial)
At the Opera
Atheist, The
Baby Face
Baby Face Harrington MGM
Bachelor Father
Bachelor Mother
Back Street
Bad Girl
Bad Man, The
Barney Rapp and His Orchestra
Battle Cry of Peace
Battle, The 1934 United Artists
Battleship Potemkin
Battling Butler
Beast of Berlin, The
Beast, The
Beau Geste
Bedroom Window, The
Bella Donna
Belle of the Nineties
Ben Hur
Between Friends
Big Cage, The
Big City, The
Big House, The
Big Shakedown, The
Big Trail, The
Bill of Divorcement
Birth of a Baby, The
Birth of a Nation, The
Black Book, The
Black Cat, The
Black Fury
Black Moon, The
Black Oxen
Black Pirate, The
Black Road, The
Black Waters
Blind Alleys
Blondes and Brunettes
Blondie Jackson
Blondie Johnson
Blood and Sand
Body and Soul
Bond Boy, The
Born to be Bad
Bright Lights
Bright Shawl, The
Broadway Melody
Broken Barriers
Bureau of Missing Persons
Cain and Mabel
Call of the Flesh, The
Call of the Wild
Callahans and Murphys
Calling All Cars
Captain Noah and His Ark (Esop Fable short)
Carnation Kid, The
Charge of the Light Brigade
Chicken a la King
Circus Days
City Streets
Clean Pastures
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